Range Valley – Round 7 – Riley

Welcome to Range Valley, population 950.


Ira Riley moved out of the McKinley household after the birth of his daughter by Kelly. He is a Romance sim, with the LTW of 20 Lovers, so a family was never going to be for him.


Instead, Ira used almost all of his money to open up Romantic, a nightclub. Range Valley’s very first nightclub.


Inside, Ira plays music.


And an underaged girl serves drinks. A good way to get shut down, Mr. Riley.


And Ira works on his LTW with Liora Gaither.


Ira also has his daughter, Kitty, over after school every other day. They have a late lunch, and try to find common ground, of which they have little.


Other than red hands. Who doesn’t love red hands?


Ira woos Aurora McKinley, who is apparently now batting for both teams.


Ira continues heading over to Romantic, and dating his customers. This brings him up to level 6 in no time.


And if those customers bring gifts, all the better.


But Ira mostly looks forward to seeing Kitty. She seems like a nice kid, and it’s obvious that Kelly is doing a good job as a mostly single mother.


Plus, there’s always a little moment with Kelly when she picks Kitty up. And that’s always a plus.


Ira ends the week on a poor note, when he is struck by lightning. I wonder if that’s a sign, Ira?

“Huh? Too busy looking at Liora. Did you say something?”



Ending stats:

Households: 12
Playable Sims: 50
CAS-Sims Available: 20
Community Lots: 14
*Owned: 13
*NPC: 1
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 2
University: 1
Downtown: No
SM: 19
Population: 950
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Town Funds: $515,300
Uni Funds: $140,000

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