Range Valley – Round 7 – Uni

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 950.

Right. First things first.

I totally stuffed up with this uni round, and have learned some important lessons from it. Such as not losing pictures. And not having this many sims living together in dorms. I am going to use the uni funds on houses so that students can live separately.

I don’t really like uni, to be perfectly honest, so updates will be small.


Sadie Bellamy and Samuel Parmeley continued sort of seeing each other, with no strings attached. He studied Psychology, and she studied Math.


Libby Lee went for Biology, and massively updated her look.


Lachlan Lee went for Biology as well.


Rosalie Parmeley is studying Literature, and Phoebe Parmeley registered for Economics.


Lastly, Jack McKinley, who is also taking Economics.


This is how the majority of their time was spent, in all honesty.


Sam and Phoebe went down to Stars and Bars, where Sam woohooed with Liora Gaither. He was her 20th woohoo, and so Liora achieved her second LTW.


Libby began batting for both teams, and met dormie Angela Masters. They have a whopping three bolts.


One of her quadruplet siblings also found love. Lachlan met Joanne Wilkes.


Rosalie and Lilias reconnected, and are as cute as ever.


Jack found love with Louisa Whitney.


Sadie and Sam continued seeing each other, but it’s nothing serious.


The only person who had trouble was Phoebe, who was denied her first kiss by this guy. Twice.


But Phoebe doesn’t give up that easily. Still, I’m not sure how far this will go. As a wise woman once said, you can’t hurry love. You just have to wait. Love don’t come easy. It’s a game of give and take.


Rosalie got down on one knee and proposed. She and Lilias will get married once Rosalie has graduated.


And Sam makes a move on Libby. She doesn’t mind too much. And neither does Sadie.

All the students graduated with a 4.0, except Sadie, who got a 3.8. Only Jack still needs to pay for his education, as the other students had their tuition paid.

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