Range Valley – Round 12 – Sun. Akagi

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 12,474.


Sunniva Akagi and her daughter, Mae Dallas, moved out of the Akagi household.


Sunniva is a family sim, and desperately wants to get married. She had held out hope for the father of her daughter, Jacob Dallas, but he has just married someone else. So Sunniva starts dating.


She shares a kiss with Leo, but there’s not much spark there. A single bolt. Still, it’s better than nothing.


At least until she meets Jamie Moon, another part of the Townie Repopulation Program. The two of them have three bolts, and hit it off immediately.


Jamie also helps to take care of Mae. He is a family sim, according to their date.


On a spur of the moment, Sunniva asks Jamie to move in. She can’t really afford a babysitter, and she needs to go to work. Jamie accepts.


Jamie is quite happy to be a stay at home dad. Sunniva earns a lot more than he could, and the two of them are quite happy with the arraingement.


Meanwhile, the two grow closer, and fall in love.


Jamie takes Mae to the cake for her birthday.


And takes her for her makeover. She’s a very cute little girl.


Jamie proposes. He adores Sunniva and Mae, and wants them to officially be a family. Sunniva accepts.


The couple quickly seal the deal, and Sunniva takes Jamie’s surname.


The two celebrate by trying for a baby.


The only issue is Mae’s surname. Mae is currently a Dallas, whilst her mother is a Moon. Sunniva doesn’t have much luck getting hold of Jacob. He wasn’t thrilled about her using his surname for the child in the first place, but she doesn’t want to change it behind his back. In the end, she decides to wait for now.


It’s Mae’s birthday, and Sunniva is showing. There is another little one on the way!


Mae is adorable! And has decided to change her surname to Dallas-Moon. She doesn’t want to cut out her father’s family, but there’s no denying that Jamie is her real dad.


Jamie is so excited for the arrival of their child. He adores Mae, and would love a huge family, with more just like her.


He doesn’t have long to wait!


A boy! He is named Jonas.


On Friday, Mae brings home her cousin, Archer Akagi!


There’s a little bit of family resemblence…


It’s soon Jonas’s birthday, and we lurk outside the window, breathing against the glass.


Jonas continues the trend of cute toddlers! With Mae looking on in approval.


We leave the Moon family there. They’ll be looking for a bigger home to support their expanding family.

Households: 42
Playable Sims: 191
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 66
Population: 12,606
Town Funds: $823,600
Uni Funds: $0

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