Range Valley – Round 12 – R. Gaither

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 12,474.


Last round, Christy Zaidi and Ridley Gaither decided to move out of Voorhees house. Christy is very focussed on her career, and if she’s honest, doesn’t like Ridley being surrounded by that many women.


Christy is working her way towards being a Hall of Famer, and heads off to work.


And Ridley invites over Opal Zeelan, one of his previous roommates from Voorhees House.


For obvious reasons.


Ridley is a romance sim, and isn’t very good at being faithful.


Christy is more than comfortable to invite Katrien Shibata over. They were roomates at Voorhees house, but Katrien and Ridley are cousins, so she can be sure of nothing going on.


Plus, Christy is a little broody, but won’t even think about having children until she’s reached the top of her career.


Ridley and Cillian are BFFs, and the two are always talking on the phone or visiting each other.


And Ridley continues hooking up with other women. Bethany Bloom was another of his old housemates.


And the two fall in love.


“You’re going to want to be careful, is all I’m saying. Christy’s a sweet person, and a hard worker. You can’t string her along.”

“You’re not exactly faithful, Kat.”

“Yeah, and everybody knows it. I’m not pretending to be exclusive with anybody.”


As much as Ridley didn’t want to admit it, Katrien was probably right.


Ridley decided to focus on himself for a little while, rather than his string of girlfriends.


And we end there.

Households: 41
Playable Sims: 189
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 66
Population: 12,474
Town Funds: $818,700
Uni Funds: $0


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