Range Valley – Round 12 – N. Masters

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 11,700.

No picture to start, as we are catching up with siblings Nawwaf and Brittany Masters, who graduated uni last round.


Unfortunately, they don’t get along very well any more. 😦


Surprisingly, Brittany and Joshua Dallas hit it off. I don’t think they ever met before, but they’ve got two bolts!


They get on very well indeed. Maybe they’re bonding over the fact that they’re both too broke to live without their sibling, as Joshua currently lives with his twin sister.


This is all in the space of a single afternoon, mind you. Range Valley moves fast.


In the end, Brittany didn’t last a single day living with Nawwaf. She peaces out to move in with Joshua.


“Thanks for landing me with all the bills, Brit.”

“Boo hoo. You’re a family sim, just meet someone.”

“Yeah, because it’s that easy when you’re related to half the town.”


Nawwaf works in gaming, as per his own choice. He’s still cute, though.


And those bodysuits must be extremely tight, because Katrien is missing her baby bump.


Nawwaf is more interested in his other co-worker, Harmony Weaver, who is part of the townie repopulation program.

“That’s your boob!”

“I know!”

They have three bolts.


And despite Nawwaf’s scoffing, Brittany was right. He is a family sim, he needs to just meet someone. Nawwaf invites Harmony to move in.


Harmony is a family sim, like Nawwaf. Freckles. 🙂


The two waste no time in becomming a nuisance to any passing neighbours.


Harmony is much lower in the gaming career than Nawwaf, but money is money. Also, she brings home Laurel Lee.


Harmony has had the want since she moved in, and Nawwaf has just rolled it, so Harmony makes the plunge.


Nawwaf accepts. The two want to marry immediately after, because they’re so cute.


At least they get dressed first, which is more than most residents do. Harmony takes Nawwaf’s surname.


Just in time, it appears!


We leave the newly married and expecting Masters family.

Households: 36
Playable Sims: 181
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 65
Population: 11,765
Town Funds: $748,400
Uni Funds: $0

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