Range Valley – Round 12 – M. Lee

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 12,025.



Holly Tang and Morgan Lee. The couple just moved out of Morgan’s brother’s place. Holly is pregnant with the couple’s first child.


How better to break in your first house than woohoo on the couch?


Or giving birth and ruining the new carpets?


It’s a boy! Duncan Lee has his great-grandmother’s red hair!


Morgan is thrilled with his little boy! The first grandson for his parents, as all of his brother’s children are girls.


Holly gets back into her career. She’s working in medicine at the moment, and doing pretty well.


Whoops! Holly pops again!


With a second baby on the way, Holly and Morgan decide to tie the knot.


And Morgan does the honours of taking Duncan to the cake.


Yikes. Lee genes are strong. Very strong.


Holly seems to love him, anyway. That face is the stuff of nightmares, though.


“Oh yeah, being a dad is great! No, just trying not to look him in the eyes, in case my very soul is torn asunder.”


At least Duncan looks a little better post-birthday. That’s the thing with Lee blood. They make horrendous toddlers, and kinda cute adults.


One last pat for luck!


And a second boy is born! This one is named Amias.


And Morgan makes the whole family ill by eating rotten sandwiches. Nice one, Morgan.


Oh man, this day just gets worse. Amias grows up, and his eyes don’t fit on his damn face.


We leave the Lees here, where I wonder how many generations of cute sims it is going to take to undo Dean Lee’s mighty genetics.

Households: 38
Playable Sims: 187
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 65
Population: 12,155
Town Funds: $776,00
Uni Funds: $0

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