Range Valley – Round 12 – J. Dallas

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 11,700.

Another with no starting picture, as we are joining another couple of fresh grads.


Well, there’s always their makeovers. Joshua is much cuter all grown up.


Charlotte looks a little more grown up, at least. Sorry, Charlotte.


The twins are also joined by Joshua’s girlfriend, Brittany Masters. Brittany is pretty high up in politics, and brings in a hefty paycheque to the family. Plus, she and Charlotte get on like a house on fire.


Which really helps, because Joshua is an aspiring novelist, and brings in a little every so often with his books.


The only issue is making friends for Brittany’s career. So Charlotte and Joshua nab every walkby that shows up. This one, Alfie Barclay, is another part of the Townie Repopulation Program, and Charlotte is quite taken with him.


I love ACR.


Charlotte falls in love. She never dated much as a teenager, as none of the available boys were to her liking, but she has fallen hard for Alfie.


Another of Charlotte’s walkby friends is Bethany Bloom. Charlotte and Bethany bond over taking turns being sick, and wondering if they are pregnant.


We receive confirmation.

“Aw, a baby! I’m so excited for you!”


As luck would have it, Alfie is pretty excited too.


Alfie moves in, and immediately rolls a want I don’t tend to see from fortune sims.


Alfie proposes. He rolled the want to get engaged to Charlotte!


A true Range Valley wedding. Takes place two minutes after the proposal, the bride is pregnant, and one of the couple is in their underwear.

Anyway, Mr and Mrs Barclay!


Alfie immediately gets a job in the Military, and thinks his driver is hot?


Alfie is begging to be fired, as he rubs the pregnant belly of Range Valley’s general, and talks baby names with her. Luckily, Amity Corrigan is a forgiving sort.


Thankfully, Alfie isn’t fired, because his baby is born that evening!


A girl! Sheena Barclay is born.


Sheena is a very loved little girl. Brittany wants a baby quite badly, but her career is her main concern. So for the time being, she gets all of her baby cuddles from little Sheena.


But babies don’t last long in Range Valley. They grow up so quickly!


Oh dear. Sheena promptly soils herself, to prevent her birthday spins, and Charlotte gets her first pop. Looks like there’s another little Barclay on the way.


We get there in the end, and Sheena grows up into a toddler. She looks a bit moody, but she’s a little ray of sunshine, really.


Brittany becomes Mayor! She’s made it! Brittany operates on a platform of greater services for adopted children, having been one herself.


Which means that Brittany can finally work on her other goal. That’s a baby pop!


“It’s probably about time we find our own place, Brit.”

“We were barely in this update, so I think you’re right.”


We leave the family here. Next round, the Dallas-Masters will be moving out, to give the Barclays more space to grow. Both Brittany and Charlotte are expecting.

Households: 36
Playable Sims: 183
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 65
Population: 11,895
Town Funds: $760,00
Uni Funds: $0

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