Range Valley – Round 12 – Fairfax

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 11,895.


Twins Jonah and Maia Kearney have moved into a very nice house, with their partners. Jonah is dating Tessa McKinley, and Maia is seeing Rowan Fairfax.


Jonah wastes no time. He proposes to Tessa, who gladly accepts.


Rowan quickly finds work, using his degree to his advantage. As much as he likes Jonah and Tessa, he’d rather live with Maia in their own home, and take care of her properly.


Tessa also finds work quite quickly, but she’s so playful that she’s not too interested in working on her skills for promotion. She’d rather play in the bathtub.


I love it when this happens. Tessa is suffering from morning sickness, and wondering if she is pregnant. I think the baby bump might be a bit of a hint, Tessa.


Jonah studies hard for his next promotion at work. He’s going to need the money once the baby is born.


Speaking of which…


Urgh, I really didn’t take many pictures for this round. No idea why. Anywho, Tessa gives birth to a baby girl, named Ellen, because I was watching Alien.


And Maia pops soon after Ellen’s birth!


Rowan does the honourable thing that he’s been wanting to do for nearly a week. Maia accepts.


The two get married straight away, to ensure that I don’t have to manually change their baby’s surname, like I had to for Ellen.


Speaking of Ellen! I missed her birthday, because I suck! She’s definitely got the Kearney look to her. I think she looks a lot like her cousin, Lane.


And we end there, with Maia pregnant, and Tessa and Jonah planning marriage.

Households: 36
Playable Sims: 184
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 65
Population: 11,960
Town Funds: $769,600
Uni Funds: $0

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