Range Valley – Round 12 – F. McKinley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 12,220.


Felix McKinley has just graduated university, along with his long-time girlfriend.


Dagmar Masters has had a little makeover, which I think suits her very well.


Felix proposes to Dagmar, in the moonlight, in the rain. Very romantic. Of course, Dagmar accepts.


The two marry the next morning, and become Mr and Mrs McKinley.


Dagmar and Felix find jobs, as they plan to have a couple of kids, but can’t really afford to yet.


Jasmyn shows up. Dagmar and Jasmyn were adopted by Libby and Angela Masters, but the two have never got along. They got into quite a few fistfights as teenagers. But as adults, the two are trying to improve things.


And now that Dagmar is pregnant, she’s accepting the olive branch Jasmyn is offering. Plus, Jasmyn just had her own child, and has plenty of advice.


Pregnancy doesn’t stop these two. They’re always all over each other.


It’s time!


A boy! Rhys McKinley has his grandmother Louisa’s blonde hair!


Dagmar gains another skill point, and heads back to work. Also, you may be able to tell, Dagmar has no teeth. I think there’s something wrong with this skin, but I don’t know what to do about it. Sorry about the lack of teeth, Dagmar.


Ah. Whilst Dagmar is at work, Jasmyn turns up. She and Felix have two bolts, and should really know better. Poor Dagmar.


It’s Rhys’s birthday, and Felix’s dad, Jack, shows up to celebrate.


Rhys is very cute! I feel like there have been a lot of cute sims this round.


Despite his feelings towards Jasmyn, Felix is a good father, and adores playing with his little boy.


And really, how could you not love this face?


Dagmar’s back in her dungarees, which can only mean one thing. There’s another little McKinley on the way.


We leave the McKinleys there, expecting another addition next round.

Households: 40
Playable Sims: 189
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 66
Population: 12,474
Town Funds: $787,200
Uni Funds: $0

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