Range Valley – Round 12 – E. Ramirez

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 12,155.


Jeannie Masters and Eliseo Ramirez met at university, discovered they were three bolters, and fell in love.


They married as soon as they were able, and Jeannie took Eliseo’s surname.


Eliseo found work quickly. He is a family man at heart, and wants nothing more than to have a big family that he can properly support.


Jeannie also wants a family, but not quite as much as Eliseo. She also picks up a job to boost their savings a little.




With Jeannie expecting, she takes maternity leave. And Eliseo apparently uses forks to eat grilled cheese sandwiches?


Jeannie also starts making friends with all the walkbys. She and Caoimhe Akagi trade pregnancy tips.


Jeannie goes into labour whilst Eliseo looks on with limited interest.


A girl! The newest little Ramirez is named Marisol.


The spark is still very apparent in the Ramirez household. Eliseo and Jeannie are so cute!


Marisol is a cute little thing, and I can’t wait to see her as a toddler!


Oh yeah, she’s cute as hell. And Eliseo is in love.


And it looks like little Marisol might be a big sister before too long.


We leave the Ramirez family there, hoping their next baby is as cute as Marisol.

Households: 39
Playable Sims: 188
CAS-Sims Available: 37
University: 8
SM: 65
Population: 12,220
Town Funds: $783,300
Uni Funds: $0

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