Range Valley – Round 12 – L. Masters

Welcome back to Ran


ge Valley, population 11,505.


We don’t have a starting round picture, but this is the household of Lainey Masters, her girlfriend Pearl Zeelan, and Pearl’s twin sister, Sage.


Pearl and Lainey are very much in love, and were teenaged sweethearts.


And Sage has met someone new. Callum Ivanovich is part of the townie repopulation effort, to get some fresh blood in the neighbourhood. He and Sage have three bolts.


Lainey rakes in the money in the Oceanography career. She’s so cute, too.


Just in time, as it appears the Masters-Zeelan household are expecting a child!


Lainey does the right thing, and puts a ring on it, with Sunniva Akagi acting as witness. The couple become Mrs and Mrs Masters.


They’re not the only ones taking the next steps of their relationship. Callum moves in, and immediately wants to get engaged. Family sims!


So Callum gets down on one knee, and Sage accepts.


It’s Range Valley, so a wedding immediately takes place. Sage takes on Callum’s name, and becomes Sage Ivanovich.


Just in time, it seems.

“I diagnose you as a pregnant.”

“Thanks, Linnea.”

“I’ll send you my bill.”


We soon get confirmation, and the twins spend their day following each other around the room, talking to and rubbing each other’s bellies.


It’s like a beacon. The quite pregnant Katrien wanders in to hang out with the twins.


Callum is very excited for the new addition. He’s going to be a good dad.


And he’s bringing in those hefty state school money.


One last hug for luck. Both women will be going into labour any time now.


Pearl is first. Sage is still pregnant, but her outfit doesn’t work with pregnancy. 😦


It’s a girl! Little Juno Masters is a blonde, like Lainey.


Only hours later, Sage follows suit.


It’s a boy! Hudson Ivanovich looks like his dad, so far.


Callum and Sage will probably have another or two, and start making plans to move out once the round is over.


It’s coming close. But first, birthdays.


First Juno, who definitely has the Zeelan nose, traced back to her grandmother, Mina.


And Hudson, who looks like he may also have that distinctive nose, but his dad’s eyes and mouth.


We leave the Masters-Ivanovich family here. The Ivanovich family will be moving out next round.

Households: 36
Playable Sims: 180
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Business Districts: 3.
University: 8
Downtown: No
SM: 65
Population: 11,700
Fires: 5
Burglars: 5
Town Funds: $741,100
Uni Funds: $0

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