Range Valley – Round 12 – Riley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 10,465.


Ruby Kearney, Kitty and Levi Riley.

Last round, Kitty and Levi married. Ruby is pregnant by Cillian McKinley, and Kitty is expecting a baby with her husband, too.


Despite the pair vowing not to see each other again, Ruby and Cillian are seeing each other again.


It’s convenient, though, as Cillian can now witness the birth of his child.


It’s a boy! Ruby names him Lane, and decides not to give him Cillian’s surname. I thought you were naming him Howard?

“I just said that to mum to wind her up.”

Ah, good shout.


Cillian has one thing on his mind, though. Lane is gently placed on the floor, and Cillian and Ruby head indoors.


Even so, Cillian stays the night, and in the morning, bonds with his son.


The morning’s bonding is interrupted by Kitty going into labour.


A girl! Little Noelle Riley is the first child born to Kitty and Levi. I’ve also just realised how weird Noelle and Lane’s family relationship is. Noelle’s mother is Kitty, who’s half sister is Poppy, who’s son is Cillian McKinley, who’s son is Lane. So… Cillian is Noelle’s half cousin, making Lane her half cousin once removed, but also her regular cousin? Weird.


Kitty heads straight back to work, and I guess her mind wasn’t on it, or something, because she gets demoted immediately. Pretty sure that’s illegal, but okay.


The weird aging comes into play again. Despite the fact that Lane was born before midnight, and Noelle about seven hours later, they are aging up on the same day.


Lane ages up, and looks super, super cute!


Noelle’s pretty cute, too. Both of them look very much like Kearneys, though.


And it looks like someone attended the party… Ruby and Cillian are just terrible for each other.


Kitty looks irritated, but I think it’s the pregnancy hormones. Yep, she and Levi decided to expand their family a little.


Despite being pregnant, Kitty is very dedicated to the children in her family. She loves Lane dearly, and is very happy that Noelle has a little playmate in the house.


Kitty gives birth in the least accessible area of the house.


The first is a baby boy, named Douglas.


Yep, first. Douglas is handed off to his father.


And the second is a girl, named Evelyn.


With the abundance of small children in the house, it is a relief that the toddlers are aging up.


Lane’s up first, and he is super cute!


Noelle isn’t quite as cute, but there’s nothing wrong with her either.


Forgive the lack of pictures, but it’s been chaos. Absolute chaos. It’s time to age up the twins.


First is Evelyn, who is super cute!


And then Douglas. Well. Welcome to another edition of “Avenie regrets starting Range Valley with an alien”.


It’s been busy, and crowded, and Ruby thinks it’s time for her and Lane to move out, and give the Riley family a bit of space.

Households: 35
Playable Sims: 165
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Business Districts: 3.
University: 8
Downtown: No
SM: 65
Population: 10,725
Fires: 5
Burglars: 5
Town Funds: $493,000
Uni Funds: $0

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