Range Valley – Round 12 – Parrish

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 10,335.


Bethany, Joanna, Lachlan, Mercy.


Bethany has now returned from university, and is telling Mercy all about it! She’s moved back in with her parents, as she can’t afford her own place just yet. Older brother Casey hasn’t moved back in, as he and his girlfriend, Ivy Zeelan, were able to pool their resources.


We also have one last picture of a young Mr and Mrs Parrish.


Thankfully, they’re still super cute!


Whilst stargazing one night, Bethany notices Kester Bellamy out and about. He recently aged up, and moved out, and has become something of a night owl. The pair hit it off (three bolts), and agree to meet again in day light.


The morning arrives, and Bethany asks Kester out on a date.


The two of them hit it off imediately. Good chemistry will do that for you.


And since Bethany is a romance sim, she invites Kester to have a better look at her bedroom.


Mercy and Alicia have made good friends, despite the age gap between them. I think they have bonded over being the much younger sibling in both their families.


Once Kester has left, Bethany finds a job. Moving in with her parents wasn’t really the ideal. Lachlan and Joanna have spent quite a bit of money on extending the house – it was always a bit small, really, and now it is big enough for the family to breathe.


Bethany and Kester continue seeing each other. It’s just casual, but they’ve floated the idea of moving in together.



“Oh dear, Beth.”

“I’m a romance sim. What do you expect?”


Bethany breaks the news to Kester.

“Hey, cool! My half-aunt just had a baby, too.”

“I’m so relieved. Because I’ve just rolled a weird want for me.”


Even so, I leave it a day, just to check whether Bethany drops her unusual want. But she doesn’t.

“I know this is weirdly out of character, but marry me?”

Of course, Kester accepts.


Just in time, too. Bethany gives birth in the morning! The two have a baby boy, named Arlo.


Kester is invited over to meet his son. To keep aging in line, kinda, I won’t be moving Kester in just yet.

“Aw, nooboo!”


Joanna is smitten with her grandson. She’s a great nanna, always caring for the baby, and thinking about him whenever she isn’t.


And today is the day! Kester quickly moves in, and gets the honour of taking little Arlo to the cake!


The couple then quickly marry, in true Range Valley fashion. Bethany takes Kester’s name.


I can’t decide if Arlo is cute or not, so we’ll give him some time.


Lachlan takes over baby duty, just before the family picture.


The Bellamy family will probably continue to live in the Parrish house. It’s not a question of funds, it’s a question of love.

Households: 35
Playable Sims: 160
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Business Districts: 3.
University: 8
Downtown: No
SM: 65
Population: 10,400
Fires: 5
Burglars: 4
Town Funds: $460,500
Uni Funds: $0

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