Range Valley – Round 12 – Masters

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 9,540.


Dagmar, Kerie, Libby, Angela, Gina, Chase, Candice, Cherry and Shannon.

Last round, a whole bunch of kids went off to uni.


We get one last look at a young Libby and Angela, because today is their birthdays.


Libby makes a cute elder, and sticks with her prefered pink.


And Angela sticks with her blue shirts.


Dagmar returns home to wish her mothers a happy birthday. Dagmar is now living with her boyfriend, Felix McKinley.


Chase meets Chloe, and the two find they have a lot in common.


At least enough to exchange a kiss.


Candice and Chase are getting close to uni age, and both have wants to go.


Chase phones up first, and heads off.


And Candice isn’t far behind.


Of the eleven(?) children adopted by Libby and Angela, only four remain at home.


Libby takes the time to talk to Shannon about her seeing two different people.

“You’ll get a reputation.”

“I don’t care! I’m just having fun. I don’t want to settle down with the first person I meet, like you.”


Maybe more to get out from under her mother’s feet, Shannon applies for university, and moves out.


She at least has time to take a family photo first.

Households: 35
Playable Sims: 159
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Business Districts: 3.
University: 8
Downtown: No
SM: 65
Population: 10,335
Fires: 5
Burglars: 4
Town Funds: $389,400
Uni Funds: $1,000,000!

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