Range Valley – Round 12 – Bellamy

Welcome to Range Valley, population 8,690. Yep, miscounted again. I am writing this after a pretty long break.


Roman, Sam, Sadie, Kester.


Sadie and Sam are joined by Aimee, who has just graduated. She doesn’t really get along with her mother, and the couple are more than happy to have her around.


Sam finally reaches elderhood!


And cuts off his ponytail. He’s definitely outgrown it by now.


Meanwhile, the boys make friends with Cherry Masters. She’s not too sure, though.


Still, she prefers Kester to Roman, and agrees to a date.


Which ends with a kiss.


Aimee gets into fitness. However, she comes back from her jogs and eats snacks, so…


Still, she meets the hobby leader, Cooper Woodrow, and they hit it off immediately.


Immediately immediately.


The boys continue with their studies, but Kester has decided that university is not for him, and is really just carrying on out of solidarity.


Aimee develops a bit of a belly, and knows exactly why. She calls Cooper over to break the news.


Cooper is surprised, but not upset. And Aimee immediately rolls a want to have a baby, so she’s pretty pleased.


Even Sam is excited for the baby. He adored his own children, and can’t wait for another to be running around.


Missed the labour, but caught the birth. Aimee has a little boy, who she names Theodore.


She invites Cooper over for a date to meet his son, and he later leaves us a massive telescope. Child support?


Theodore is very popular, and Sam would have loved another, but is happy to spoil his nephew.


It’s Theodore’s birthday! Aimee has rolled a want for another child, but not to get married to Cooper, weirdly enough.


To be fair, with a cutie like that, why wouldn’t you want another?


And we move Cooper in for the hell of it. I don’t want his son getting older than him. He is a knowledge sim.


Aimee teaches Theodore to walk as they wait for Kester’s birthday.


And Kester moves out as soon as he ages up.


Just in time, as it looks like a little sibling for Theodore might be on the way…


We’ll find out next week.

Households: 35
Playable Sims: 159
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Business Districts: 3.
University: 7
Downtown: No
SM: 60 (another five households with Kester moving out)
Population: 9,540
Fires: 5
Burglars: 4
Town Funds: $319,100
Uni Funds: $920,000

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