Range Valley – Round 12 – McAuley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 7,650.


Rebecka, Emmy and Eve.


Eve kicks off the round making a new friend! Persis Lee!


And Rebecka continues to see Kyoshi, offering him comfort after the birth of Star-Baby, Hana.


Shameful, really.


Emmy returns hom from work, and Rebecka just looks annoyed at being caught, more than anything else.


Emmy is furious. Kyoshi wanders off, hoping that Emmy hasn’t gotten too good a look at him. She just about knows Daisy Gaither, Kyoshi’s live-in girlfriend and mother of one of his daughters.


“It’s all ending in tears, right?”



Rebecka goes on the offensive, picking a fight with Emmy over her long hours, unrealistic goals for their future, and so on.


And Emmy calls it all off.

“Here’s a realistic goal for you. We’re done. You do what you want, Rebecka.”


Rebecka is horrified. Sick to her stomach, even. Unfortunately, Range Valley laws being as they are, the two women are going to be stuck in the same house for the week. Emmy at least moves her things into the spare room.


“I’m sorry it didn’t work out, Evey.”

“It’s fine. But you’ll still talk to me, right?”

“Of course.”

Emmy actually has a better relationship with Eve than Rebecka does.


Eve ages up the next day, into a pretty young woman. She’s a fortune sim.


Emmy might be stuck living with her ex, but she moves on quickly to Cora Grey.


Very quickly.


Timing is a bitch, isn’t it? Rebecka discovers she is pregnant. I’m sure Kyoshi will be thrilled with the third addition to his brood.


Rebecka breaks the news to Emmy. And Emmy finds that she doesn’t really care. Or rather, she doesn’t feel hurt. She feels inspired.


Emmy and Cora fall in love, and Cora moves in.


Cora is another family sim, like Emmy.


Eve channels her feelings into music. She isn’t too thrilled with the direction her homelife is taking, and she isn’t too happy about a new sibling, at her mother’s age.


The new sibling who is on the way now!


It’s a girl! Clair McAuley is Rebecka’s second, and Kyoshi’s third daughter.


And Emmy proposes. Cora is much more receptive than Rebecka was, and accepts happily. No negative memory here.


Eve is more okay with Clair now that the baby is actually here. But with such a big age gap between the sisters, I don’t know how close they’ll be.


Whoops! It looks like I’ve downloaded some kind of pregnancy for all hack. Emmy and Cora will be fine with this, though.


In fact, as soon as Emmy tells Cora, the two marry, and Emmy takes Cora’s surname.


It’s Clair’s birthday! Rebecka is rocking her work outfit. Rebecka has carried on working. Cora and Rebecka actually get on really well, and Cora watches Clair on work nights.


Still feels a bit early to tell who Clair looks like. But she’s cute!


And then Verity is born! Another little girl, and much like Aubrey Landry, Verity takes after just one of her parents.


Eve begins researching options to leave the house. Two babies is a bit much, and she can feel the weird atmosphere between her mother and Emmy.


Despite this, Eve still gets a genie lamp!


And Verity gets a birthday.


Verity is adorable! Looks very much like Cora, I think.


With that, the Grey family moves out. They have reached the end of the week, and the house isn’t right for two.


Leaving the McAuley family to have the house to themselves again.

Households: 33
Playable Sims: 156
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 40
Business Districts: 3.
University: 6
Downtown: No
SM: 50
Population: 7,800
Fires: 5
Burglars: 3
Town Funds: $808,900
Uni Funds: $840,000

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