Range Valley – Round 12 – Kane

Welcome to Range Valley, population 7,800.


Maisie, Juliet, Eli and Stellan.


The Kanes have a mostly ideal life. Eli and Maisie have both got wants about having another baby, but they are struggling.


And their oldest, Stellan, is developing quite the friendship with Karima Qadir. It’ll only be friendship, though, as Karima is dating Finley Parmeley.


Eli teaches little Juliet how to walk, and hopes that they won’t have to put the nursery things into storage for long.


Juliet after her birthday. She’s much cuter in real life, I just took a very unflattering picture, because I suck.


Unfortunately, the two get too old to add a third child to their family. Still, they’re pretty happy with what they already have.


Eli brings Jacob Dallas home from work. Jacob Dallas has had no such trouble with fathering kids. He’s only a week into adulthood, and has two by two women. Possibly a third, depending on who the father of Katrien’s child is.


Eli teaches Juliet to study while Stellan paints. Stellan is a fortune sim, and is constantly wanting to earn money, and buy nicer stuff.


It’s time!


Eli makes a handsome old man.


And Maisie is stunning!


Stellan still has a thing for Anneliese Parmeley. Not sure if he knows that he’s just one face in a crowd.


Honestly, I think he’d be more suited to a girl like Karima, but teenaged boys.


And the family ends their round there. Also, proof that Juliet is really cute.

Households: 33
Playable Sims: 156
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 40
Business Districts: 3.
University: 6
Downtown: No
SM: 50
Population: 7,800
Fires: 5
Burglars: 3
Town Funds: $922,200
Uni Funds: $840,000

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