Range Valley – Round 11 – A. McKinley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 7,000!


LTR: Aurora holding Elisha, Kelilah, Asher.


“So, me and Asher are going to start trying for another baby.”

“Sounds good, I’ll accept it.”


I feel pretty bad for Aurora, really. I’d like her to meet someone, but without ruining someone else’s family. She hits it off with Pamela here, but can’t call her as a person? Only as a service? That frightens me off of her a bit.


It’s Elisha’s birthday! I removed the hooded baby outfits, because they were bothering me, and this outfit is cuter.


Oh my gosh! He is so cute! He has Kelilah’s mouth, which is heavy on the top lip, and it suits him so much!


Asher heads out and wishes for money. He had the want, so it’s his!


Dude. I will have an aneurysm. You have to stop.

“Look, crime is a vicious cycle, okay? I keep going to jail, and being released. There’s no rehabilitation. Also, give me your stuff.”

Damn you, Cora Jitmakusol! Damn you!


Asher and Kelilah show up to watch the police beat up Cora, and find it to be a powerful aphrodisiac.


Well, that worked.


Elisha is still a little cutie. Hoping for a similar looking sibling.


Elisha gets his last few skills in, and it’s his birthday! Asher celebrates by putting his damn hand through the wall. Aliens.


Here’s Elisha all scrubbed up, and looking adorable! Little alien ears!


Kelilah’s getting big! These two are so sweet together. I love it when the game puts couples together.


Kelilah heads out, in the snow, at night, in her pajamas, whilst pregnant. She’s university educated, might I remind you. Anyway, she wishes for cash as cold and hard as her frostbitten limbs.


Aurora teaches Elisha how to do his homework. She’s nearing the end, I fear.


As Kelilah goes into labour, Asher continues with his story. Aurora is a little confused by the whole thing.

“Uh, Ash? Look behind you, buddy.”

“Yeah, will do, but first, story.”


As is tradition in Space, Idaho, Sarai is slammed into a wall as soon as she is born. Beautiful traditions.


As Kelilah recovers from labour and a newborn, Asher is already gently floating the idea of another child. Kelilah snores louder to drown him out.


Really though, she’s not too opposed. Elisha is a lovely little boy, and Sarai is a dream.


Oh. Aurora had passed.


Aurora McKinley, previously Aurora Mellon, married Kate McKinley, despite them both being Romance sims. Aurora wanted to be a Rock Goddess, and a Rock Goddess she was! She was well known and loved in Range Valley, and leaves behind a son via alien abduction, and two grandchildren, Elisha and Sarai McKinley.


Sarai’s birthday is much more subdued.


Sarai is very unusual looking, and hella cute.


You may not be able to tell, but Kelilah is again pregnant! Asher offers a massage to ease her aches.


I am a bit in love with Sarai. She is such a happy, smiley little girl!


Kelilah has popped, and gets the last skills in for Sarai’s birthday. We’re going to need the nursery space soon.


Sarah has the same alien ears as her brother, but definitely looks different. I am hoping the next baby has their own kinda alien look to them, too.


And we leave the McKinley family there. Super cute, and expecting again!

Households: 29
Playable Sims: 140 (lost Aurora, gained Sarai)
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 40
Business Districts: 3
University: 6
Downtown: No
SM: 50
Population: 7,000
Fires: 5
Burglars: 3
Town Funds: $215,800
Uni Funds: $580,000

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