Range Valley – Round 11 – Savatier


LTR, BTF: Shelby holding Amelie, Etienne, Alice, Marcel, Sylvie.

When we last left off, Ash Parmeley, Shelby’s husband and Alice’s dad, had passed away.


And almost as soon as I unpaused, Shelby went, too.


Shelby Parmeley joined Range Valley through her connection with the Kanes, and her late husband, Ash Parmeley. Though she and Ash were unable to have children biologically, they adopted Rosalie Parmeley and Alice Savatier. Shelby was also a beloved mother to Ash’s Star-Babies, Phoebe Ramirez and Samuel Bellamy. She had 18 grandchildren: Anneliese, Blaise, Riordan, Clementine, Finley, Beatrix, Evangeline, Milo, Toby and Magdalena Parmeley, Marcel, Sylvie and Amelie Savatier, Eliseo, Genoveva and Nicolas Ramirez, and Kester and Roman Bellamy. She was a Fortune Sim, who wanted to become a Space Pirate, which she did early on in life.


Life, as it tends to, goes on, and the twins were only just able to get into decent aspiration to grow up.


Sylvie is a Family Sim, who wants to be a Visionary, and top the Artist career.


And Marcel is a Knowledge Sim, who wants to be a City Planner, and top the Architect career.


Speaking of topping careers, Etienne finally makes it to Captain Hero, and will now get his lovely spandex uniform.


Again, according to custom, the teenagers are taken down to Trinkets, Alice’s business. Sylvie takes over restocking.


While Marcel struggles with the cash register.


They return home in time for Amelie’s birthday!


Amelie is so cute! I love her hair!


The Savatier siblings study together, even if Marcel and Sylvie are working on stuff a touch more complicated than Amelie.


It wouldn’t be Range Valley if there weren’t teenaged hormones flying about. Marcel meets Rosalind Karimi, and luckily for her, the Savatier family are one of the few families she’s not related to.


And Sylvie meets Nawwaf Masters, another sim who is technically related to half the neighbourhood. He is adopted, though.


Sylvie scores her first kiss from Nawwaf. They’re both family sims, which makes me cautious. I won’t be tempted into another 10 kids family, you two!


Another look at Etienne, because I really like him, and I think Amelie takes after him a lot?


And we leave the Savatier family here, smaller, but still happy.

Households: 29
Playable Sims: 141
CAS-Sims Available: 37
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 40
Business Districts: 3
University: 6!
Downtown: No
SM: 50
Population: 7,050
Fires: 5
Burglars: 2
Town Funds: $47,500
Uni Funds: $560,000

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