Range Valley – Round 10 – Uni

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 6,165.


We have two sets of students at RVU this year. Left to right, back row to front:

Morgan Lee (Fortune, Biology), Cillian McKinley (Romance, Art), Caoimhe McKinley (Family, Literature), Levi Kearney (Pleasure, Psychology), Soren Akagi (Knowledge, Physics), Ruby Kearney (Fortune, Philosophy).


Left to right, Mary Slaughter (Knowledge, Physics), Katrien Shibata (Romance, Art), Jacob Dallas (Romance, Psychology), Christy Zaidi (Popularity, Drama), Holly Jitmakusol (Fortune, Biology), Ridley Gaither (Romance, Philosophy), Sunniva Akagi (Knowledge, Physics).

Mary Slaughter is a new arrival to town. Legends say she arrived in a hearse drawn by skeletal horses.

“That is not true. I arrived via taxi. It was very normal.”

Thank you, Mary.


Houses full of hormones. Jacob and Katrien, both being romance sims, are immediately drawn to one another.


I’m sure this won’t end in tears.


Or this. Christy Zaidi and Ridley Gaither had a thing as teenagers, and here she is, following him to uni. I think she’s earned it after ten rounds of being the paper girl.


The other household is no better, with Cillian McKinley making a beeline for Ruby Kearney.


Whilst his twin, Caoimhe, realises her feelings for Soren Akagi.


With an occasional pause in the debauchery to get flu, and rely on the one family sim in their midst. I don’t know what we would do without Caoimhe.




What are you doing in Range Valley?

“I wanted to study. Range Valley University is very good. I was offered a scholarship by the Mayor.”


“Yes. She met my father. The circumstances were not favourable.”

Mary, is your dad the Grim Reaper?


Right. Backing off now.


Christy is a popular girl. Jacob Dallas is constantly rolling wants about her. She seems pretty happy with Ridley’s attention, though.


But Ridley is still heading out most nights to meet with Kitty Riley. Tangled webs.

We will return to Range Valley for the start of Round 11. Just the summary to go.

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