Range Valley – Round 10 – Summary

We started Round 10 with a population of 4,400, and ended it with 6,165.

There were 23 births: Samiya Lee, Eve McAuley, Elisha McKinley, Amelie Savatier, Mercy Parrish, Roman Bellamy, Elizabeth and Elodie Dallas, Inaya Qadir, Ruth Van Herten, Nicolas Ramirez, Finley, Clementine, Toby, Beatrix, Milo and Evangeline Parmeley, Garland, Kestrel, Coral, Juniper and Starling Zeelan, and Keturah Lee.

There were 5 adoptions: Chase, Gina, Shannon, Kerie and Cherry Masters.

There were 5 deaths: Nolan McAuley (previously Kane), Kate McKinley, Ash Parmeley, and May and Spencer Jitmakusol.

We earned another university, and $741,700 in taxes, and $220,000 in university fees.


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