Range Valley – Round 10 – Riley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 6,030.


Kitty Riley graduated university last round, and has moved into her own place. Her sister, Poppy Nanale, offered her a room back at the old house, but Kitty declined. She’d rather strike out on her own.


Kitty quickly finds a job in Law.


Kitty speaks to her dad a fair bit. They’re not close, but that’s not a major issue. Ira was never much of a parent to her, but she’s fine with it, and pleased that he has found happiness with Ruqayyah.


Kitty is also a neatfreak, and spends most of her free time on the phone, or cleaning her house.


Unfortunately, she’s still got roaches. Poor Kitty must have stamped on the roaches about thirty times, and couldn’t stop crying. She’s extremely houseproud.


Kitty calls an exterminator, and tries to strike up a conversation, but there’s no chemistry. Kitty doesn’t really have chemistry with anybody, unfortunately.


She even calls up an old friend from university. The chemistry is there, but they have nothing in common.


At this point, Kitty gets desperate, and calls the matchmaker. She parts with $5,000 of her hard earned cash.


Who hooks her up with her old coach from university. They have a single bolt, and Kitty is extremely disappointed.


This is Kitty’s face when she has to interact with her coach. She’s not happy, and the date ends very quickly, with no goodnight kiss.


And inspiration struck.


Ridley Gaither and Kitty had a bit of a thing as teenagers, and always got on like a house on fire. And the spark is still there as adults.


The pair are infatuated immediately.


And Ridley spends most nights at Kitty’s.


“Just casual though, right?”

“Calm down, Rids. I’m not about to tie you down. I’m not the marriage and kids kind of person, I’m the corner office and personal assistant kind of person.”

“Okay, just – ”

“Sh, Ridley. Eat, don’t talk.”


And Kitty Riley ends her round with a promotion or two under her belt, and a spring in her step.


Households: 26
Playable Sims: 134
CAS-Sims Available: 32
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 40
Business Districts: 3
University: 5
Downtown: No
SM: 45
Population: 6,030
Fires: 4
Burglars: 2
Town Funds: $455,400
Uni Funds: $520,000

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