Range Valley – Round 10 – A. McKinley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 5,625!


“So, we’re not the K. McKinley family any more?”

No, sorry Kate. We’re going with Asher now.


Asher McKinely has returned from university, with his bride to be, Kelilah Shibata.


Kelilah seems to be okay with moving in with her in-laws, even if Kate’s wants panel is extremely inappropriate.


Honestly, for a couple of Romance sims, Kate and Aurora have been very sweet and happy together. In an open relationship, of course.


Kelilah wants to be a Media Magnate, but there are no openings in Journalism for her. She goes for Art instead, since it’s a good money earner, and quickly tops it.


One quickie marriage latter, and she becomes Mrs. McKinley.


Oh. That’s kind of sad. Kate’s time has come.


Poor Kate.


Kate McKinley was one of the earlier arrivals to Range Valley, moving here with her father, David. She met and married Aurora Mellon, and was a step-mother to Asher McKinley. She never saw eye to eye with her step-mother, Kelly, but found that her siblings were there for her regardless.


Shortly after Kate’s passing, Kelilah discovers that she is pregnant.


I think Asher’s LTW must have changed, as he now wants 6 grandchildren. He gets a job in business, to make sure he is providing for his expanding family.


Which he quickly tops. I love college graduates. It’s like the opposite of real life.


We are given another genie lamp, but I am reluctant to use it, as Cora will blatantly come back. No idea what her problem is.


Asher is very excited for the new arrival to hurry up and arrive.


They’re a super cute couple.


And go time! Kelilah also models another outfit I have no memory of, but it is cute, and suits her.


Welcome, baby Elisha! Interestingly, Elisha has his grandfather’s skin. Kelilah was seeded into the adoption pool, and her biological father had the same colour skin as her son has now. I like it.


Asher greets the new arrival, and immediately decides that he wants another one.


The new parents and grandmother head down to Embedded, Kate’s old business. I had totally forgotten that both Sadie Bellamy, in front, and Emily Dallas, up back, were pregnant. Emily is Sadie’s step-mother.


They make a fair bit of cash this way.

“My son was conceived in a bed this sturdy! Buy it!”

“Asher, come on. Don’t creep out the customers.”


Despite being a Romance sim, Aurora is quite fond of her little grandson.


Kelilah and Asher discuss expanding their brood a little.


And we try to do posed pictures again. I actually really like this, even if it isn’t great.

Households: 25
Playable Sims: 125 (lost one, gained one).
CAS-Sims Available: 32
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 40
Business Districts: 3
University: 5
Downtown: No
SM: 45
Population: 5,625
Fires: 4
Burglars: 2
Town Funds: $242,000
Uni Funds: $480,000

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