Range Valley – Round 9 – Qadir

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 3,600.


Ruqayyah Qadir graduated from uni last round. During her uni time, she persistantly hit on Eli Kane, despite his engagement to Maisie. She also managed to fall in love with fellow new arrival, Marshall Van Herten, despite the fact that the two of them only have a single bolt.


Still, Ruqayyah is a Pleasure sim, which means that she’s only being true to herself, and I can’t get too upset at her. To start, she starts digging, since her outfit isn’t great.


And Ruqayyah immediately makes me eat my words. This is the very first thing she finds. Ruqqayah is now my favourite.


With a new outfit, she’s feeling good, and invites over ex-housemate, Marshall Van Herten. While he’s here, she might as well get a date out of him, right?


Things progress pretty quickly.


Once Marshall leaves, Ruqayyah starts looking for a job. She wants to be a Professional Party Guest, but it’s not showing up yet.


She also gets to know Ira Riley, local Romance sim. They get on like a house on fire.


Ira quickly becomes another notch on Ruqayyah’s bedpost.


A place in the Slacker career finally comes up! Ruqayyah takes it immediately.


Whoops! This was genuinely not me. So I don’t know whether Marshall or Ira is the father. I could check, but let’s not.


The maternity leave comes in pretty useful, as Ruqayyah doesn’t have enough friends for a promotion yet. I have her flag down every walkby and make friends with them.


She also continues to see both men. Her pregnancy is obvious, but Marshall doesn’t ask any questions, and Ruqayyah doesn’t answer any.


Ira is a little more enthusiastic. He already has a nearly grown up daughter from a previous relationship, and so he’s not as threatened by the thought of another child.


Ruqayyah makes a couple more friends – Joanna Parrish, who is also pregnant, and Rosalie Parmeley who has three toddlers at home.


Ms. Qadir then gives birth in front of her new friends. It does nothing to damage their friendship.


A girl! With Marshall’s red hair. I guess that answers that question of parentage. Ruqayyah names her new daughter Karima.


Marshall isn’t answering his phone, so Ruqayyah invites Ira over.


Ira stays the night, and surprises Ruqayyah by giving Karima a bath in the morning. Though it is obvious that this little redhead isn’t his daughter, Ira doesn’t seem to mind.


In fact, when Ruqayyah mentions Karima’s birthday, Ira offers to help celebrate.


Even if he does cheer from afar.


Karima is a little cutie!


And Ruqayyah worries about what to do next. But that is next round’s problem.

Households: 24
Playable Sims: 91
CAS-Sims Available: 28
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 40
Business Districts: 3
University: 4
Downtown: No
SM: 40
Population: 3,640
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Town Funds: $555,900
Uni Funds: $300,000

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