Range Valley – Round 9 – P. McKinley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 3,480!


Last time we were with the McKinleys, Kitty was working hard towards her university scholarships. She wants to be The Law, and is very ambitious.


It doesn’t mean that she enjoys homework, though.

“Urgh, mum, how do you do calculus again?”

“No idea, sweetheart. I was a townie, I sprang fully formed from the ether. Ask your sister.”


Unfortunately, Kitty can’t get any homework help from Poppy at the moment. Poppy has finally met someone. She’s never been too interested in other people. She has alien twins, and a good relationship with the alien community in Space, Idaho, but not so many friends in Range Valley. Ash Nanale might change that.


Scratch that. Ash Nanale will definitely change that. Also, note Jack on the sofa. He is a frequent visitor to the McKinley household. I suspect he enjoys the peace away from his twins, Felix and Tess.


Kitty also continues her romance with Axel Akagi.


Cillian just makes my day. He is super cute, and I love the red hair. He also skills very quickly, even without his grandmother’s help with the punching bag.


Even if he is pretty quick, he still needs to cheat from sister Caoimhe’s homework.


Ash moves in! He makes the second Ash to live in Range Valley (Ash Parmeley being the first). We also have an Asher McKinley. I’m sure that won’t confuse me at all…


Ash cleans up nicely! He is a fortune sim with the LTW of becoming a Prestidigitator. Unfortunately, being an adult townie, he doesn’t have the required charisma skills. So that won’t be happening.


Bump! Poppy and Ash follow the fine Range Valley tradition of getting knocked up before getting married.


But Ash is ready to remedy this, and proposes.


A quickie wedding follows, as is the custom. After some debate, Poppy takes Ash’s name, and they become Mr and Mrs Nanale. After all, there are plenty of McKinleys about (Poppy’s older half sister and her wife, and their son, Poppy’s younger brother, his wife, and their twins, Poppy’s twins). It’s time for a few Nanales.


Kelly is excited for the newest grandchild to arrive. It’s bittersweet – she knows that David, her late husband, would have loved their grandchildren had he lived to see any of them.


Ash gets on pretty well with Cillian and Caoimhe. And Cillian, with his ton of red hair, could easily be Ash’s kid, rather than Poppy’s.


Here we go! Baby time! Kelly can’t watch, Kitty is putting the couch between her and the splash zone, and Cillian is taking his homework somewhere quieter, and more condusive to learning. Some people have no consideration for others, and their education.


Welcome to the neighbourhood, Rory Nanale! Rory has red hair, and a name that people can pronounce on sight. Poppy has learned from the issues that Caoimhe has at school.


Speaking of Caoimhe…

“Birthday time!”


Birthday time!

“Birthday time!”


Caoimhe is adorable, if I do say so myself. She is a Family Sim with the LTW of graduating 3 Children from University. She is straight.


And Cillian isn’t too bad either. He is a Romance Sim with the LTW of Woohooing 20 Sims. He is bisexual, which makes things a whole lot easier!


“Birthday train, little one!”


Bam! Rory is very cute, and the apple of his family’s eye.


Meanwhile, Caoimhe gets her first kiss from new teen townie, Rowan. Cillian has yet to start his string of broken hearts.


And Kitty finally moves to college! She has her uni scholarships at the ready, and a determination to make her mother proud.


And at the end of the week, a gift is brought to us.


Ash wishes for Peace of Mind as the McKinley/Nanale household ends its rotation.

Households: 23
Playable Sims: 89
CAS-Sims Available: 28
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 39
Business Districts: 3
University: 4
Downtown: No
SM: 40
Population: 3,560
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Town Funds: $377,500
Uni Funds: $280,000

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