Range Valley – Round 8 – K. McKinley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 2,135.


We return to the McKinley family on Aurora’s birthday! Take one last look at her youth, it’ll be gone in a moment.

“Cheerful stuff.”


Aurora is still quite a looker, as an older woman. I let her continue to work as a Rock Goddess. After all, if the Rolling Stones still count from time to time, so can Aurora.


Asher befriends Kelilah. Quite a height difference at the moment, but not for long. It’s Asher’s birthday!


Asher is definitely a cutie (even if I do say that about everybody). He is a Family sim (somehow, despite being raised by two Romance sims), and he wants nothing more than to have six grandchildren.


Now that Asher and Kelilah are the same life stage, ACR takes over. These two have two bolts.


I think they’re pretty cute together.


Asher is torn away from his new girlfriend, and the family heads down to Embedded. They bring it up a couple of levels, and Asher gets his gold badge. He will be taking over Vanity and Embedded when Kate and Aurora are done with business running.


Asher and Kelilah have their first kiss together.


Things quickly escalate between the two.


But there is trouble in paradise. Kelilah is going to university later. That’s non-negotiable. She wants to be a Media Magnate, and a degree would help immensely. Asher isn’t planning on going – he just wants a family, and you don’t need a degree to have a loving family.


“I don’t know what to do. I love her, and I want to be with her forever. But a long distance relationship… What if she meets someone else?”

“So what if she does? As long as it’s you that she comes home to, does it matter?”

“Family sim, Kate. It matters.”


“Asher’s going to ask you about university, Rory.”

“Why? He doesn’t want to go. He told us himself that he just wants a big family.”

“Because his girlfriend is going, and he’s heartbroken already over the thought that she might meet someone else.”

“They’re teenagers. It’s not going to last anyway.”


“I know, Rory. But I’m going to nag you about it until you agree to let him go, so…”

“I know you mean well, but it’s not going to work. I’m not dropping $20k on an education he doesn’t even want. End of discussion, Kate.”

“But – ”

“End of discussion. I’m not signing the forms.”


Still, it doesn’t stop Kelilah and Asher from sneaking out, and having a good time.


Whoops. That might do it, though.


It’s probably for the best that Asher’s being raised by Romance sims, really…

Households: 18
Playable Sims: 61
CAS-Sims Available: 25
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 34
Business Districts: 3
University: 3
Downtown: No
SM: 35
Population: 2,135
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Town Funds: $895,100
Uni Funds: $160,000

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