Range Valley – Round 8 – J. McKinley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 2,600.


Jack McKinley recently graduated from RVU. He wants to be the head of the SCIA, but more immediately, he wants to invite over his girlfriend, Louisa Whitney.


No time is wasted. Louisa moves in. She’s just a regular adult, despite being a university townie. Tad disappointed that she doesn’t have a degree, or anything.


Louisa is a Family sim, and her LTW is to become Captain Hero.


Here’s Jack after his change of outfit. He currently works in Law, as his prefered career hasn’t yet shown up. Louisa, however, is able to get into Law Enforcement immediately.


Go Louisa, bringing home promotions straight away!


Haha, whoops. I swear, the majority of Range Valley’s residents are conceived out of wedlock.


Louisa gets down on one knee, and demands that Jack make an honest woman of her. Spencer Jitmakusol watches on, because he is apparently Mr. Popularity, and just hangs around the new residents all the time.


Jack gets a promotion to The Law, but still can’t get a position in the intelligence field.


Jack heads inside and changes before the quick wedding. Louisa Whitney becomes Louisa McKinley.


Not a moment too soon. Louisa gives birth outside. Classy bunch, Range Valley, residents.


Twins! The boy, Felix, is placed on the floor inside.


And the girl, Tessa, is not. Check out the red hair, supplied by Nana Kelly. Louisa’s naturally a blonde, btw, but Jack is attracted to black hair.


Jack gets the first feeding.


Jack also makes full use of this work reward. The McKinleys aren’t broke, but they’re going to need more money to deal with twins.


Birthday time!


Here is Felix.


And Tessa.



Felix appears to be the favourite.


And we end with the McKinleys being affectionate, and very sweet.

Households: 21
Playable Sims: 68
CAS-Sims Available: 25
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 37
Business Districts: 3
University: 4
Downtown: No
SM: 40
Population: 2,720
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Town Funds: $19,200
Uni Funds: $180,000

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