Range Valley – Round 8 – Bellamy

Welome back to Range Valley, population 2,135


When we last left the Bellamy family, things had gone somewhat south. Forest had an affair, and the Bellamys divorced. Forest proceeded to move in his new girlfriend, marry her, and have a son with her. They have now moved out, leaving May and the younger Bellamy daughter, Maisie.


The good news is that May is back up to Celebrity Chef. It’s not much comfort, but it’s better than nothing.


Maisie is studying hard. She wasn’t planning on going to university, but she wants to leave the house, without hurting her mother’s feelings. That means uni.


Meet May’s stalker. As if her life wasn’t bad enough, this is Spencer. Spencer was seeing Liora, and is now heartbroken, as he caught Liora kissing May. So he kicks over May’s trash can all the damn time.


May finally confronts Spencer.

“Hey. I know how you feel, but it’s not me you need to be mad at. I didn’t know about you. Liora kissed me. Go kick over her can.”

“Oh, I do. Frequently.”


May invites Spencer in, and the two start to chat. Turns out, they have a lot in common, and quickly become friends over shared broken hearts.


May reflects. Her heart still hurts a great deal, but it felt good to be able to talk about it with somebody who understood.


Spencer is a frequent visitor at the Bellamy house. He and Maisie become friends quickly, and Maisie discusses her college aspirations with her mother’s new friend.


May finally bites the bullet, and asks Spencer out on a date. They have two bolts, and get on famously.


By the end of the date, May has asked Spencer to move in with her and Maisie. Spencer has accepted.


Spencer is a Family sim with the LTW of Marrying off Six Children. Never going to happen, sadly.


Maisie rolls a want to talk to Sadie every morning.

“Mum’s got a new boyfriend. No, not like Ira Riley. This guy’s really sweet, he cares about her a lot. You’d like him.”


We also take Maisie down to A Cure for Boredom, where she gets her silver sales badge. Her first victim is a thoroughly unsure Jack McKinley.


Meanwhile, May and Spencer continue to date to keep Spencer’s aspiration nice and high. And there’s one big want in particular.


Spencer proposes, and May gladly accepts. They’ve bonded over heartbreak, and fallen in love. Maisie adores her mother’s boyfriend, and Spencer has enjoyed being a good influence in a child’s life.


The couple quickly get married. May takes Spencer’s name, and they become the Jitmakusols. May has no wish to have another Mr. Bellamy around the house, after all.


The couple have spoken long and hard, and made many difficult decisions. But Spencer makes the phone call.


Little Holly is dropped off at 10 the next morning. The Jitmakusols have adopted a daughter. As much as Spencer enjoyed being a step-father to Maisie, she was nearly an adult, and had her own father. The chance to be a dad was too tempting, and May was hesitant, but willing.


Maisie gets promoted at work, and phones in her last scholarship before she leaves for RVU.


With one last hug to her baby sister before she gets in the taxi.


Holly misses her sisters, but she adores her parents, and has to admit that it’ll be nice to have their attention to herself.

Households: 18
Playable Sims: 63
CAS-Sims Available: 25
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 34
Business Districts: 3
University: 3
Downtown: No
SM: 35
Population: 2,205
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Town Funds: $962,900
Uni Funds: $180,000

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