Range Valley – Round 8 – R. Parmeley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 1,995.


Rosalie graduated at the end of last round, and has moved into a new house. She quickly gets a job in the Natural Science career, and invites over her fiancee, Lilias Lee.


Rosalie and Lilias have been dating since they were teenagers. They are both Family sims, and both want nothing more than to have six grandchildren.


The women marry, and Lilias takes Rosalie’s surname. I want to get as many new surnames in as possible, but I don’t want to lose any of the old ones. We already have a second generation Lee, and the Parmeleys don’t have a second generation heading up their own family yet. Alice has taken her husband’s name. Phoebe will probably do the same. Sam is a Romance sim, so probably won’t marry.


Lilias finds work in the Science career. Whilst the Shibatas wanted to adopt their children, the Parmeleys want to have theirs biologically. But that’s not so simple, without a little scientific help.


Rosalie invites over a friend from uni days. Between Rosalie and Lilias, they are related to most of the town, so it’s hard to make family friends.


Lilias climbs the science ladder!

I like to think Rosalie is introducing Lilias here.


Finally, Lilias has earned this weird science machine.


She spends a lot of time in research, contacting the other local scientist, her mortal enemy, Poppy McKinley. Both women hate each other after the fights they used to get into as teenagers. But this is different. This is science.


And fingers crossed, they’ve cracked it.


Ooh! It’s been absolutely forever since we got a lamp!


Lilias makes a wish for Peace of Mind. It takes a while to get 6 grandchildren, and I don’t want to lose these two early.


Rosalie makes the same wish.


Has our science worked? Fingers crossed!


YES! The Parmeleys are expecting their first child.

Households: 18
Playable Sims: 57
CAS-Sims Available: 25
Community Lots: 16
*Owned: 14
*NPC: 2
Total Lots: 34
Business Districts: 3
University: 3
Downtown: No
SM: 35
Population: 1,995
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Town Funds: $773,000
Uni Funds: $160,000


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