Range Valley – Round 6 – K. McKinley

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 342.

When we last left the McKinleys, they were enjoying their romantic, hedonistic ways!


Kate and Aurora have three bolts for each other, and can’t keep their hands to themselves.


But Kate isn’t entirely unfeeling. She was devastated by the news of her father’s death. She and David had never really gotten along, but she loved him, and she knew he loved her, too. The loss of him was painful.


The McKinleys hire a maid, as they are both pretty messy, and complain about their environment a lot. I’m pretty sure this poor man didn’t want this kind of working environment.


Then, disaster struck. And by disaster, I mean aliens.


“So, since you’re an alien and everything, we were hoping you could answer some questions…”

“Oh, I don’t know anything about that. I was born here. I just like free food.”

Ha, same.


The first pop! Sorry, Aurora.


Aurora has a pretty rough pregnancy. I don’t think she is used to this kind of discomfort. Also, her hunger metre plummets rapidly.


“So Kate, are we just not going to talk about the impending baby?”

“I guess… I mean. What do you want to talk about? Our lives are going to suck now.”


Kate and Aurora physically spent time together, but didn’t engage much. Both ladies spent more time with other conquests, taking time to think.


Kate threw her heart and soul into Vanity. Her level 10 business was very profitable, and she supposed they needed all the money they could get if there was going to be a baby.


Finally, the baby made itself known.



A boy! Asher McKinley.


“Here, you hold him.”

“No thanks, Rory.”

“That’s cute, but it wasn’t an offer. Hold him.”


“Hi, baby.”

See? He’s not so bad. Promise!


Kate invites her little brother and sister over to meet their new sort of nephew.


Leon tags along for some reason, too. Kate’s relationship with her brother and sister have vastly improved of late. Now that Kelly doesn’t have the time or energy to make a fuss about it.


Time flies, and Kate finds that Asher isn’t too bad, really. Aurora does all of the feedings and the nappy changes. Kate cuddles him when he’s sleepy.


Asher is a beautiful boy, and Kate can see Aurora’s features clearly through the purple skin, black eyes, and pointed teeth.


Maybe he’s not so bad after all.


Time waits for no man, and it’s Kate’s birthday!


Kate makes a very pretty older woman. She ditches the glasses, feeling that they make her look old. She cuts her hair, and styles it.


And Kate’s still desired as a party guest, and paid a heft price to show up, and be herself.

Ending stats:

Households: 10
Playable Sims: 39
CAS-Sims Available: 15
Community Lots: 12
*Owned: 11
*NPC: 1
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 2
University: 1
Downtown: No
SM: 14
Population: 546
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Uni Funds: 939,900 (SO CLOSE!)

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