Range Valley – Round 6 – Bellamy

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 546.


The Bellamy family gets off to a bad start, as May is demoted to dish washer. How the mighty have fallen…


Still, it’s Maisie’s birthday, so put on a brave face, okay?



Aw, Maisie’s adorable!


And that’s not the only birthday! It’s Sadie’s turn next.


Sadie is gorgeous! She is a Knowledge sim with the LTW of being a Mad Scientist. Her logic skill is already maxed anyway, so she can definitely do that.


Maisie gets to grips with her skills, with help from daddy, Forest.


We make a quick trip down to A Cure for Boredom and helpfully direct all of our customers to the $10K television, then escort them to the cashpoint. We’re so very helpful, you know.


Sadie spots Sam, and makes a beeline for him. They were friends as kids, and Sadie is quite eager to renew that particular contact. Despite Sam being Romance and Sadie being Knowledge, they have two bolts.


Interestingly, as soon as Sam is out of sight, Sadie doesn’t think about him again. I wonder if she has heard about his reputation?

“Well, you don’t have to buy a whole pig for a little sausage.”

True. I might need to look at your choice of mentor a little more closely.


One more bath for little Maisie before her birthday.




And after! The Bellamy girls are very cute!


I really do love the sisters. Whilst Sadie writes a novel, Maisie paints illustrations for her.


The traditional headmaster visit takes place.

“I just wanted to complement you on your wonderful hair, Mr. Headmaster.”

“Why, thank you, Mr. Bellamy. It looks smashing on you, too!”

Sucking up gets the Bellamy girls into the private school.


It’s time! May ages up into an elder!


May is as beautiful as ever. May she have many long years yet!

Ending stats:

Households: 10
Playable Sims: 39
CAS-Sims Available: 20
Community Lots: 12
*Owned: 11
*NPC: 1
Total Lots: 21
Business Districts: 2
University: 1
Downtown: No
SM: 19
Population: 741
Fires: 4
Burglars: 0
Uni Funds: 1,001,600!



Range Valley University, otherwise known as RVU, has just been built. Gaze upon our registration building! We will start round 7 with a uni, and any teen can choose to go at 7 days to adult, if they can afford the $20k to attend. Loans can be taken for this, but accrue a 20% fee to the total.


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