Range Valley – Round 6 – Lee

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 248.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have no excuse, and no reason. I am an enigma. Will I post? Will I not? Will you care? Wow. Getting deep over here.

Anyway! Welcome back!


Leon and Amaya had just helped another few kids move out. And really, when you have as many kids as they do, the numbers blur together a touch.


It doesn’t help that their numerous children have girlfriends and boyfriends that like to come over to the house a lot. Laurel and Zoya have been seeing each other for a while, and Zoya is a fixture at the Lee house.


Still, Zoya’s parents are the first millionaires in Range Valley, and Zoya is very generous with her after-date gifts. So she’s always more than welcome. Thanks, Zoya.


Ah yes, the bust of a middle aged man. The perfect way to remember your teenaged date.


“I’m going to build a rocket so we can visit our alien grandparents!”

“Sounds good. I’ll start scouting the skies for accurate measurements.”


Hey Libby, guess what?


Can you hear that train pulling into the station?




“Hey Lacey? It’s time for birthdays again. Avenie is still outside screaming “birthday train”, so we have time.”

“Do you mind? I’m looking at trousers.”



“Okay, okay. Birthday train.”

Lacey is a popularity sim with the LTW of becoming a Hall of Famer.


Libby is a knowledge sim who wants to be the Hand of Poseidon.


Lachlan is a Family sim who wants to be an Education Minister.


And Luca is a fortune sim who wants to be a presti- presto- pasta-

Magician. He wants to be a magician. All four quads are straight.


“What now, Avenie?”

Well, in some cultures, teenagers have a very special rite of passage. It just so happens the Lee family has one, too.

“Oh boy, what is it?”


Working at the family shop to scope for future partners! Yay!

“Can’t we just be one of those families that fixes up a car, or uses bullet ants in mittens, or reveals a terrible dark secret?”

If you want a terrible dark secret, young lady, you’ll earn it yourself.



“So, I know you’re dating my sister and everything, but you know she’s a massive bully?”

“What? No, Lilias is a really gentle soul.”


“Birthday noogie!”

“Lilias, no!”

“Lilias, yes!”

Hey, hey. Laurel’s birthday isn’t until tonight. He gets one last date with Zoya. Off to school.


“Aha! Teenaged boys to stuff in my sack!”

Wow, no. Boys, hurry onto the bus!


“Greetings Mortal! ‘Tis I – ”

“Money. Cash or bank transfer.”

“You know, other neighbourhoods let me talk a bit.”

“Other neighbourhoods aren’t trying to buy a university. Make with the money, or I’ll put your lamp in the garbage disposal.”

Ah, the welcoming locals of Range Valley…snapshot_27fe0c50_8827f05e.jpg

“I know it’s my birthday tonight, and by the laws of The Sims, it’ll be like we were never more than best friends, but I’d like to make it official. Will you go steady with me?”

“Aw, Laurel! It won’t be that long. I’ll age up too, and we’ll get married, and be together forever. We’ll go steady for now.”


Ah, young love.


Laurel is pretty cute, gotta say. I’m looking forward to seeing what his and Zoya’s babies will look like!

Also, spandexed old lady buns.


Yet another Lee child moves out to start their own home.


“One step closer to an empty nest, my love!”

“Oh, Dean! Don’t drop me again.”


Heading back to the various Lee owned businesses. Raising a metric load of children makes it hard to be a businessman.


And we leave off with Libby, who is cute. Very cute.

Ending stats:

Households: 10
Playable Sims: 31
CAS-Sims Available: 9
Community Lots: 10
*Owned: 9
*NPC: 1
Total Lots: 20
Business Districts: 1
University: 1
Downtown: No
Population: 248
Fires: 3
Burglars: 0
Uni Funds: 652,900

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