Range Valley – Round 6 – Lee/Gaither

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 248.


The first child born in Range Valley is Liora Lee, who has moved out on her own! She is a Romance Sim with the LTW of becoming a professional party guest!


The ink on Liora’s lease is barely dry before she’s hitting on her neighbours.


Success! Liora is now perma-plat! Her new LTW is to woohoo 20 sims. Finally, a Romance sim with a romance related want.


Unfortunately, she is quickly sent to the sick bed. I don’t want to think what you’ve caught, considering your job is to go to parties, and be around a ton of people.

“Because your office job doesn’t get you sick?”

… Just go to bed.


I aged up Weldon Downie because he is not suitable for any of my prefered sims. He can be fodder for Liora.

I think he’s okay with that.


Kate and Liora are still seeing each other, now and then.


The best method is to exploit the 20 woohoos problem. Technically, public woohoo counts separately from regular woohoo. So Liora heads to the business district and sets up her own business – Sofa King Good. It sells sofas, and Liora’s attention.


The best thing is that it also makes the business rank up quicker. Sofa King Good is level 5 within no time. And one of Liora’s old boyfriends has aged up with her. Ethan Gaither renews his fling with Miss Lee.


Liora still clings to that want to get engaged to Ethan.


At Liora’s apartment, the playground equipment gets good use from the Kanes. Miriam, and her daughter Mina, play on the swings together.


Mina’s cute! And I’ve never seen this idle before. She’s not playing, she’s just sitting here.

“I’m a teenager. I need to brood.”


Disaster strikes in Liora’s flat’s common area, as she and a neighbour catch fire.


Liora is put out by the firewoman, but her neighbour promptly dies. Liora needs to get that woohoo in, and begs for his life.

“Please, I have plans! This death inconveniences me!”

“Well, okay.”


He is brought back to life, and made to leave. After a kiss. And some other things. Bye, friend.


Back at Sofa King Good, Liora continues to rake in the funds, and use familial guilt to her advantage. Sofa King Good is now Level 10.


Risky woohoo is a bitch.

“Me? Pregnant? Aw, but why?”

Because if I have to suffer, everybody else has to. Now let’s try to figure out who the dad is!


After some contemplation and cheats, it is discovered that Ethan Gaither is the father of Liora’s bun in the oven.


Liora invites Ethan over, and he rubs her belly autonomously.

“Haha, you got pregnant.”

“Haha, you got me pregnant.”



“Do you want to give up on pretending to be romance sims? I want to get engaged to you, and you want to get engaged to me. So let’s just do it.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


So, let’s congratulate Mr and Mrs. Gaither. The worst romance sims.


Ethan Gaither is a Romance sim with the LTW to be a Professional Party Guest.


“Hey dad! Guess what I did?”

“My very first grandchild on the way! Congratulations on your birth control failure, Liora! And your husband!”


Liora gives birth in her ugly, dated kitchen. But haven’t we all been there?


Liora’s playground stalkers were certainly there! Mina and Miriam really like it here. Instead of their mansion?


And gives birth to Daisy Gaither, who has red hair, and black eyes. Interesting combo.


Ethan only now rolls a fear of having a baby. Don’t worry too much, Ethan. I don’t think Liora wants any more, either.


And we leave Liora trying to get back into shape, to work on her woohooing around the neighbourhood.

Ending stats:

Households: 10
Playable Sims: 33 (+Ethan and Daisy)
CAS-Sims Available: 10
Community Lots: 11
*Owned: 10
*NPC: 1
Total Lots: 20
Business Districts: 1
University: 1
Downtown: No
SM: 9 (+1 for another five community lots)
Population: 297 – Education career opened!
Fires: 3
Burglars: 0
Uni Funds: 680,400

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