Range Valley – Round 6 – Kane

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 297.

When last we left the Kane family, they were the very first millionaires of Range Valley. Also, cute as hell.


Lachlan Lee followed Zoya home, and immediately tries to offer her a massage. Dude. This is your brother’s childhood sweetheart. He’s been out of range for less than a day. Back off. I send Lachlan home to avoid any crushes.


And Zoya heads inside to help baby brother Eli to grow up. Eli was quite clearly an oops child, considering that his sisters are much older than him.


He is super cute though! Eli is a pretty good mix of his mum and dad.


Eli isn’t the only one to celebrate a birthday. Miriam ages up, and still looks pretty damn good! I really like Miriam. She properly kickstarted off the business district, and was our first business tycoon.


Mina gets to know Jack McKinley. I don’t think I’ll persue this, though. She is quite a bit older than him. He has only just become a teenager, and she will be an adult at the start of the next round.


Nolan dotes on Eli. He is a stay at home dad, and is constantly playing and cuddling with his boy.


Zoya stays in touch with Laurel. Though romantic interactions are off the table until Zoya is an adult, the two can still chat. And they do. A lot.


Miriam looks more like Eli’s nana than his mum. But she teaches him to walk, all the same.


I also notice Miriam’s shoes for the first time. They are seriously cute, and I want a pair.


I am such a genius sometimes! So, operation all three kids in private school, and also birthday train is go.


Whilst the headmaster eats our wonderfully prepared food downstairs, Eli ages upstairs.


Look at this kid! How cute is he? Eli is now old enough to get into private school. Meanwhile, in the kitchen at Kane House, hungry Headmaster waits, eating. HEADMASTER FHTAGN! I-AH!


And my handsome boy is accepted into private school!


And Zoya ages up. She goes for a slightly more grown up look.


Oh. Sorry, Nolan.

“Birthday train?”

Birthday train.


Nolan looks pretty dashing in his old man hat. I am assuming the band around the hat matches his jumper? My sense of colour is very poor.


Aw, Miriam and Nolan are still cute as ever as old people.


“So, I live here, too.”

Yeah, sorry, Mina. When you spend the whole update in one life state, I miss things. But you maxed creativity, yay!


Eli introduces himself to Sadie Bellamy, and the two hit it off, quickly. I love neighbourhood walkbys.


And Zoya moves out. I’ll level with you – I just can’t wait for her to move in with Laurel.


And we will leave the Kanes here, with Nolan hugging his son. It makes me smile.

Ending stats:

Households: 10
Playable Sims: 33
CAS-Sims Available: 10
Community Lots: 11
*Owned: 10
*NPC: 1
Total Lots: 20
Business Districts: 1
University: 1
Downtown: No
SM: 9
Population: 297
Fires: 3
Burglars: 0
Uni Funds: 823,100

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