Range Valley – Round 4 – Bellamy


Right. Desperate times call for desperate measures. May brought Forest Phillips home, and they’ve made friends. I have her check him out, and they have one bolt. But tough. Not everybody gets a soulmate, May!


Miracle of miracles, May rolls wants to go on a date with Forest, and to flirt with him. We get on that immediately.


Things progress quickly, as they do in Range Valley. And May rolls the best want of all.


“Forest Phillips, will you do me the honour of moving in and giving me someone to roll wants about?”

“Oh May! I’ve followed so many people home, but I never thought I’d be able to join Range Valley! I’m so glad it’s with you!”


Nice. Anyway, this is Forest. He is another Fortune sim, with a LTW to become a business tycoon. That’s all fine with me, we need to start increasing this sim multiplier.


In the fine Range Valley tradition, the couple are expecting a child before they are married. Is it me being lazy and forgetful? Is it modern attitudes towards family and romance? Is it ACR sneaking away from me? We may never know.


A lot of our income at the moment comes from Forest offering financial consultation.

“Honey, that girl with the camera is outside again!”

“Get the poking broom, Forest. I’ve taught you how to deal with her before!”


And before long, we welcome little Sadie Bellamy!


And May reaches the top of the culinary career! Just hours after giving birth! You go, May!


And we leave the Bellamy-Phillips family, with May playing with her new baby.

Ending stats:

Households: 6
Playable Sims: 27
CAS-Sims Available: 4
Community Lots: 7
* Owned: 7
* NPC: 1
Total Lots: 14
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 3
Population: 81
Fires 3
Burglars: 0
Uni funds: $272,800

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