Range Valley – Round 3 – Bellamy

Right, so this one is totally out of turn, because I stuffed up a bit. So no stats on this one.


Meet May Bellamy. She’s a popularity sim with the LTW of becomming a Celebrity Chef.


Luckily, there is a position open straight away, and because Kane’s Kitchen is level 5, she is able to take it.


And this is where May and I hit a stumbling block. She does not roll wants for people, which seems strange for a popularity sim. She wants to make pottery, learn skills, and chat with the two or three people she is friends with. That’s it.


She loves her telescope, but the aliens aren’t too interested in her.


Out of desperation, I send her to flirt with someone she has a bolt with. May never rolls a single want regarding Rebecka ever again.


She just wants to skill, and to get promotions. Which she does. She’s quite content being on her own.


And we leave May Bellamy, slightly smarter, and slightly wealthier than before. And I rack my brain for something to push her towards.

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