Range Valley – R2 – Lee

Welcome back to Range Valley, population 8!


Amaya is continuing to climb the Law Enforcement career, despite being quite pregnant.


And I have extended their house, in anticipation of the new arrival. Amaya and Dean already have two children, Liora and Leon.


And it’s time for little Liora to grow up! She has learned all of her skills, and the rich history of her heritage, being from Space, Idaho.


Liora’s a little cutie! She’s also extremely nice and outgoing, which is useful.


Now to keep that conveyor belt going!



Leila has blonde hair, like her daddy, and is clearly her mother’s favourite. Why you ask?


Because twin sister Linnea is dumped on the floor.

“Dean says it’s tradition to dump the baby on the floor.”

Dean also says it’s tradition to let him have a bite of every slice of pizza that enters the house.

“I don’t follow. What’s your point?”

… That Space, Idaho, has a host of beatiful traditions.


I can’t have three babies in the house, so Leon gets to grow up! Also, I really don’t want three toddlers at any point.


Little Leon is the spitting image of his dad at the moment.


So, I’m just going to sum up the next couple days in this picture. It’s nothing but diapers, crying, bottles and trash.

“Being the oldest is the worst!”

Sorry, Liora. At least you get to move out first as well!


Magically, Leon gets all his baby skills. Also, his pajama bottoms are the same colour as his skin, which seems weird to me.


Leon grows into a cutie as well. He also has smaller ears than his dad, which I think has come from his alien parent.

“But dad is my alien parent.”

Your other alien parent. Also, you and I both know your dad doesn’t admit to being an alien.


The girls have grown up as well! This is Leila, who has pointy ears.


And Linnea who is ugly.

“Hey! My girl is beautiful!”



Dean heads to Fish and Chips to get away from the chaos of four kids.

“So… Like… Did you arrive by rocket?”

“I’m not an alien.”

“Right. So..?”

“I arrived by bus, okay?”

Fish and Chips is raised to level five before Dean heads home again.


Leon meets another neighbourhood kid with the same taste in snowsuits.

“Did your mum buy yours for you, too?”

“Urgh, I’m going to go play with your sister.”

“Okay! Talk later, friend!”


Amaya and Dean are sneaky, and I don’t play with sound, so lullabyes sneak past me. Still, I can’t be too upset, Dean needs 6 kids, minimum. But really, timing.


Amaya attempts to fix the computer, and luckily doesn’t shock herself. I hide in the potted plant for safety, just in case.


Some last minute skilling for the girls, because it’s their birthday! Yeah, not many pictures. Turns out, when you’ve got two toddlers, two kids, a pregnant lady and Dean, nobody can resist the sweet siren call of death.


But the girls have survived to childhood! That’s Linnea on the left, and Leila on the right.


And a cute picture of Liora and Leon to close!

Ending stats:

Households: 1
Playable Sims: 6
CAS-Sims Available: 1
Community Lots: 1
* Owned: 1
* NPC: 0
Total Lots: 2
Business Districts: 0
University(ies): 0
Downtown: no
SM: 2
Population: 12
Fires 3
Burglars: 0
Uni funds: $22,985

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